Laura J. Bryant

SEVEN LITTLE BUNNIES illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

Seven Little Bunnies

by Julie Stiegemeyer

illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

Marshall Cavendish Children

SEVEN LITTLE BUNNIES illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

It's bedtime for seven little bunnies, each bunny is busy having fun! Will they ever stop? One by one, each bunny gets COZY... then DOZY... then DROWSY... then drops to bed! Have fun counting the bunnies as they fall asleep.

"The sounds and action will appeal to young preschoolers in this lively bedtime rhyme that includes a counting exercise. One by one, seven bunnies stop what they are doing, get into bed, and fall asleep. The words and pictures show the contrast between the active fun on the left-hand pages (“Fifth little bunny with a splash in the tub, / dips and dives with a scrub-a-dub-dub”) to scenes of falling asleep on the opposite pages, accompanied by the refrain, “cozy, / dozy, / drowsy, / drop.“ Finally, the bunnies are all sound asleep in bed after Mama and Papa have tucked them in. The words are lively (“munching crunching . . . rum, pum pum”), and as kids chant along, they’ll also follow the subtraction and addition as seamless parts of the story. Preschool." —Margaret Flanagan